Monday, April 5, 2010

A Couple of Thoughts on the Day Off

The Yankees bullpen really let the team down yesterday. They couldn't hold any lead the offense gave them, it was worrisome to watch. Would it have helped if Sabathia didn't run out of gas in the sixth inning? Of course, but it's too early in the season to expect him to go much more than 100 pitches. It is only one game, but the fact of the matter is the bullpen let the team down. Let's hope that group bounces back.

I do see one glaring question. What is Chan Ho Park doing on this team? He doesn't fit the mold and he's just not that great. Couple that in with his age, arm mileage, a seeming inability to pitch well with runners on base and the Yankees plethora of talented and capable bullpen arms and I just don't see him as a logical fit. Perhaps I'm jumping to conclusions, but I already see him as the team's weakness. There are tons of great guys in the minor league bullpens that could offer way more than Park. I'd rather carry Boone Logan as a second lefty (who can get the occasional righty out) and use Aceves in higher leverage situations. I also think Mark Melancon should be with the big club, he has the stuff and makeup to succeed right away and he is coming off a stellar spring. We'll see how this all pans out, but the Yankees have a deep and talented selection of bullpen reserves, so it's not a weakness I'm terribly worried about. I do believe the Yankees will be better off as soon as Chan Ho Park isn't a major factor in the pen.

That double steal was great. Jeter's hesitation, Gardner's blinding speed, Victor Martinez's girl-like arm. It was a thing of beauty. Gardner looked very good all game, I'm very interested to see if Girardi sits him against a tough lefty tomorrow for Marcus Thames.

Phil Hughes struck out 12 and allowed only three hits in eight and 1/3 innings in a simulated game today. He threw 100 pitches, 70 for strikes. His regular season debut will be on April 15th against the Angels.

Did everyone else see that Jayson Heyward home run? The three-run bomb he hit off Carlos Zambrano in his first career big league at-bat? Well, you'll see it on Sportscenter. It was utterly impressive and the kid looked downright scary at the plate in all of his appearances. The Braves really have something special there.

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